Stairlifts Manchester – Is a Stairlift Rental Right for Me ?

The average annual cost for a residential care home in the UK is £29,270. At those costs, prolonging the amount of time you or a loved one lives at home can save thousands of pounds. One way to help keep the elderly in their homes longer is to help them get around the home with ease. A stairlift from stairlifts manchester is a medical device that assists in accessing multiple floors in a home. But it doesn’t always make sense to buy one outright.

So how do you know when you need a stairlift rental instead? Keep reading to find out.

Why Use a Stairlift?

Most people lose at least some of their mobility as they get older. Problems with mobility can result from poor eyesight, loss of balance, injury, weakness, and a number of other conditions.

Regardless of the cause, mobility loss makes it more difficult to get around the house — especially when it comes to getting up and down the stairs in Manchester safely and comfortably.

A stairlift is a home modification that can help you or a loved one live independently for longer.

When to Consider a Stairlift Rental

As its name implies, a stairlift rental is only intended for temporary use. When you don’t require a stairlift to be installed permanently, you can rent them for a shorter period of time.

But in what situations would you only require a temporary stairlift?

Some procedures and surgeries require a recovery period in which mobility is significantly reduced. While you recover from surgery or even an unexpected injury, a chair lift rental can help you get from one floor to another.

You might also consider a chair lift rental when you have family or friends visiting that require help getting up and down stairs. If your home is the temporary accommodation for someone with limited mobility, a stair lift rental is a good option.

But you may also use a stairlift rental as an opportunity to test-drive a more permanent solution. Renting a chairlift gives you a good idea of whether it’s the right model for you. It’s also an alternative when the high upfront cost of a stairlift isn’t in your current budget.

Stairlift Rental Costs

Renting a stairlift involves paying an installation and de-installation fee, a monthly or weekly rental charge, as well as a deposit. Keep in mind that some suppliers will also have a minimum term for the rental, which is usually around 3 months.

Cost for installation and removal are typically charged together and can range anywhere from £350 to more than £1,000. Monthly rental fees can depend on the complexity of your lift. For a straight stairlift, you’re looking at £10 and for a curved stairlift, the cost is closer to £150.

When to Consider Buying a Stairlift

If you’re going to require your stairlift in manchester for much longer than a year, then you’re better off you to purchase the lift. Although the initial cost is significantly more, you’ll spend more money renting a chairlift for longer than a year.

We have found a mobility shop in Birmingham will allow you to rent-to-own, where your rental payments go toward the cost of purchasing the stairlift outright at the end of the rental term. Ask your dealer if this is an option.

You may also consider buying a stairlift if you don’t have a straight staircase. Dealers typically only rent stairlifts for straight staircases because these are stock items. If your staircase has any curves, it will likely require customization.

Stairlift Purchase Costs

Depending on the length of your staircase, the degree of customization required, the brand name, and the quality of the materials, the cost of a stairlift varies.

For a straight staircase that can be purchased off-the-shelf, costs begin at around £2,000. But if your staircase is long or you stairlift has to negotiate curves, you’re looking at costs starting around £6,000 or more. On average, a stairlift in the UK costs £3,369.

When you purchase a stairlifts in manchester, you’ll also have to consider the installation cost. Although minimal in comparison to the cost of the device, you should still expect to pay an installation fee, which is comprised of about four hours of labor.

Before Renting or Buying

Most reputable dealers will provide you with a free evaluation and quotation whether you’re looking to rent or buy. To find a reputable dealer, ask for references and research the supplier you’re considering. They should offer you a wide range of choices to suit any budget.

Regardless of whether you’re buying or renting, make sure your stairlift meets these minimum requirements:

  • A key switch that stops unauthorized use
  • An adjustable seatbelt and swivel seat for safe loading
  • A positive drive system
  • Suitable weight capacity (usually between 264lbs and 350lbs)
  • An over-speed governor that controls the speed of the device
  • A safety gear device in case of catastrophic motor gearbox failure

When buying or renting a stairlift, ask your dealer who is responsible for the cost of service calls, repairs, and breakdowns. In most cases, these should not be charged to you.

You’ll also want to make sure that your manchester stairlift will operate in the case of a power outage. While most stairlifts plug into an electrical outlet, many have backup batteries so that they operate when you have no electrical power.

Make The Home More Comfortable

When getting up and down the stairs becomes a burden, installing a stairlift can help. Depending on whether you require a permanent or temporary solution, you can choose between buying a stairlift or a stairlift rental. However, if your staircase isn’t a simple and straight stairway, buying a stairlift may be your only option.